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impact intelligence training helps you know and understand your impact.


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get a clear view on your impact and footprints

monitor relevant output and outcomes

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training overview


  • Why impact management matters and what it can do for you
  • Your theory of change. What impact do you have on people and planet
  • Create your impact statement (Theory of Change in one line)

training benefits

find the numbers and stories that matter to you and your stakeholders

An impact intelligence training is a great way to dive into your own impact. The training helps you figure out which outputs and outcomes are relevant for your organisation to monitor, creating a strategy to optimise and scale your impact while reducing your footprint. We customise the content with industry-relevant practical examples.

You’ll learn to understand and try common practices using our free open-source resources, walking away with a clear view on your impact and an impact statement

impact strategy

What kind of impact are you aiming for? Are you focussing on social, environmental, innovational, or economic impact? We look the products and services you put out, and how they can bring about the change you are aiming for in an efficient way. Impact intelligence can help prevent wasting time and money on improving impact where you’re less effective.


ethical impact intelligence

Discuss greenwashing, trade-offs to be made, what is good or bad. A consideration of how we judge others, and how we can expect to be judged. 

communicating your impact

Learn how to communicate your impact in a way that’s both accurate and presented in a comprehensible narrative.

build the foundation of your impact intelligence practice

impact statement. list of outputs and outcomes that you can base your indicators and metrics on.

We are going to position our brand and its impact using the insights gained during the training, we created impact statements for all our beers.

Er zitten wel tien eikels in dit bier”

Okke Hout

CTO, Vet & Lazy Urban brewery

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